Digital World 2020

The 7th edition of Digital World was held in Bangladesh from 9th December to 11th December 2020. However, for the first time in the country, Digital World 2020, the largest information technology based festival in South Asia, was organized on a virtual platform. Due to Covid-19, “Digital World 2020” is organized online. Green screen and augmented stage are used for it.

Including a ministerial conference on the occasion.There were 24 thematic seminars, exhibitions, Digital World Awards, Virtual Mujib Corner and Virtual Musical Concert.

The Women and e-Commerce Forum (WE) was a partner in this event. The President of WE Nasima Akter Nisha thanked State Minister for ICT Junaid Ahmed Palak and the ICT Division for this. In Digital World 2020, 45 entrepreneurs from different parts of the country joined on behalf of We. They also took part in the Virtual Fair.

The names of these 45 initiatives are –

  1. Nagri Hut
  2. Tahmina’s Collection
  3. Rainbow
  4. Reverie Corporation Limited
  5. Bunonn
  6. Kakons Attire
  7. Tukitaki crafts
  8. GreehaShukh
  9. Safriana’s touch
  10. SS Agro Product
  11. Kuasha hostoshiplo
  12. Sajisajai
  13. Alizabd
  14. Deyaal
  15. Jamdani planet
  16. Reverie
  17. Women &
  18. JABiN’s collection
  19. Dream girls love
  20. RM rongtuli
  21. Trendy Bogra
  22. Hebaang
  23. Sompod Fashion house
  24. Cook Masala
  25. Narimela Boutique House
  26. Nusrat Kabir’s kitchen
  27. Rosna
  28. Goireek Boronee
  29. Rupanzel
  31. Sohana Butik House
  32. Paker Ghar
  33. Nithan
  34. Labonyo
  35. Deeba’s Delicacy
  36. Onndor
  37. Ain sheba
  38. Prapti Calligraphy
  39. Pannahazar
  40. Prakritirchoya
  41. Sonar Tori
  42. Dhabol
  43. Block ebong Batik Design
  44. Shoukhin Protidin
  45. Shuchi Shunipun
  46. Tista Sareez

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