Subscriber News
– One of the main purposes of subscribing is to create a database of information about our entrepreneurs
– And because creating this database has become very important at this time
.. Wee himself provides Winspire Grants to stand by his entrepreneurs.In this case, the subscribers will get priority.
.. Subscribers get discounts on classes, workshops, trainings and master classes throughout the year.
.. In case of receiving ICT grant, the subscriber will be considered … Ten laptops are being given to ten of the Wii subscribers for free, more will be given in the next step.
.Special discounts are being arranged for Wii subscribers at various hospitals and hotels and resorts.
.. Names will be sent from Wii for SME incentive loans announced by the government. In this case, the subscriber will be considered… Only subscribers will be considered to attend international fairs and B2B Meeting Wee.
.. Subscribers get discounts for stalls and participation in We Colorful Fest.
.. We Summit will be for subscribers only.
.. Subscribers get discounts for participating in BSM… Special benefits will be provided to the subscribers in Wii Delivery System.
.. Various print and TV media want to know about you for printing or organizing your various news.
.. Various Ministries Priyash wants us to know various information about our group.
.. Many banks have contacted me recently to express interest in our group of subscribers… Various telecom companies and their offers want to come up with for our subscribers.
.. Entrepreneurs are given special facilities in the marketplaces created with the help of ICT Ministry’s A2I and UNDP.।। . ATUI (a part of the Ministry of ICT), We create a batch of entrepreneurs from within. Trade license 2. Trademark registration 3. The process of making VAT and TIN certificates for you has already started, in which case you have to bear the respective costs.We have discussed this issue with several mayors of the municipality.
.. In addition to the above certificates, BSTI registration will require an address in your office and a kitchen or similar installation,We are working on a project to create it.
Wei has set up a co-office space in Dhaka for its subscribers, and Wei Lounge.
..Only subscribers will be considered for export and courier assistance… Week is partnered with “Digital Bangladesh” and other big events in the country’s IT arena. In that case subscribers will get benefit.
.. Above all, subscribers must be considered in selecting the next representative and leadership of Wii.
Now  don’t we need the database with which we will start the above work?

But the great thing is that the activities that you can run in our group now, you can continue even if you are not a subscriber, such as posting, branding, etc. There is nothing to worry about.
Hopefully many have become clear. If you want to become a subscriber, you have to go to and register.